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[ Exporting from 3dsMax to Q3 ]

Before you start

This tutorial assume that your model is skinned and segmented for Q3A with h_, l_ and u_ prefix. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back to Polycount and do your homework! You also need both Pop N' Fresh exporter and NPherno's MD3 Compiler.

The infamous tags

Here's how to set them up:
[1] Import a fresh tag from Pop N Fresh's "tag.md3".
(Dont use PS's or Wrath's tags, they won't work properly with Pop N Fresh!)
[2] Rotate the tag 90 degrees clockwise on the Z axis (top view).
[3] Translate, clone and rename the tag (tag_floor, tag_torso, tag_head).
[4] Export a weapon from pak0.pk3 and put it in the model's hand.
[5] Link tag_torso to Bip's pelvis, tag_head to Bip's head and tag_weapon to Bip's right hand.

Some info about tag_floor: Quake 3 player-models must stand 24 units below "0" on the Z axis (up/down), otherwise the feet will clips through the floor or not touch it at all. There are 2 ways of fixing this: the most elegant solution is to position tag_floor 24 units above the feets from the idle animation (your 3dsMax units must be set to 1 centimeter).

However, I had a lot of troubles positionning the tag accuratly... so I suggest to roughly place it without mesuring anything and to offset the legs with NPherno's MD3 Compiler, as explained below. The program will find the lowest vertices (the feet) and place them directly on the floor! Its precise, easy to do and always work.


This is actually explained pretty well in Pop N Fresh's small tutorials (/popnplug/MaxPlugin.html). However, the exporter will screws your model's normals no matter what you do. This is where NPherno's tools comes handy :) Follow Pop's tutorial and import the result in NPherno's MD3 Compiler. Once this is done...:

...To head, upper and lower.md3
[1] Rebuild normals (ignore UV splits)
[2] Remove the texture of every objects included in the .pk3 (2nd box)
Note: You can avoid this step by assigning an untextured material to you model before exporting it from 3dsMax.

...To offset the legs
Note: You can skip those steps if tag_floor was placed correctly.

[3] Select all objects and frames

[4] Go to a frame where he is standing on the ground.
Also, make sure that the feet are part of the current object.

[5] Click "Align/Offset Selected" and type this:

Don't forget to "Export Objects" to save.

Creating the .PK3

[1] Create a ../kasahee/models/players/kasahee/ directory
(replace "kasahee" with your model's name)

[2] Copy your .md3s and textures in the new dir.

[3] Extract an animation.cfg from pak0.pk3 and put it in your dir. Use NPherno to see when each sequence start and edit the .cfg to match your models animation. (If your model is not animated, any animation.cfg file will do.)

[4] Again, export, and from pak0.pk3 and edit them to match your model. Click here if you need help.

[5] Create a 64x64 image and save it as icon_default.tga

[6] zip from ../kasahee, rename to .pk3, move to ../quake3/baseq3/

[7] Play! :)